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Walkydog Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash

Rating: Two Paws

The Walkydog Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash is a small clamp assembly that stays on your bike, consisting of a metal rod with a grip and an internal spring with a short leash and snap hook.

This product is very easy to use, looks pretty classy, and is very convenient. It seems to work on many bicycles that the Springer won't fit on. But I've had a few problems with it.

The first one broke after the first ride with my dog-who-pulls. The brass coupling (the company calls it the insert) at the bike end of the rod snapped off. After finding an email address that the company would respond to (the Contact us form on their page got no response) the company was prompt in supplying a replacement Walkydog....which broke in the same manner as the first. This time they sent me a "heavy duty" insert, and that one has been just fine, though the whole process took around three to four weeks to resolve.

They also indicated that this was a very unusual situation...but as it happened twice to me, with the same part breaking in the same place under normal usage (I explained to them exactly the circumstances involved, and they did not find user error.)

The only problem I'm having now is that the whole assembly will twist on my bike when the dogs pull forward. I ended up attatching it to the seat tube instead of the seat post. When anchored to the seat post, the whole seat would turn, making for some uncomfortable riding. With only two small-ish screws to hold the clamp on the bike, I can't tighten it further, so I just push it back into place.

I have also heard from another Walkydog user that theirs was broken upon arrival. They contacted me in hopes of getting a way to contact the company, because the company was not responding to the one found on their page.

Bottome line - it's a very good idea, very well designed, mostly well constructed, but I wouldn't really recommend it until they actually respond to messages sent from their own "Contact Us" form and other email addresses found on their site. If you need a product of this type, and the Springer won't work on your bike, this might be worth a shot.

This product should also be used only with a harness, and not with a collar, to avoid choking if something goes wrong.

(Reviewed by Amy)


Lindsay said...

I love the WalkyDog. It did take awhile for my dog to get used to it because I originally trained him to bike while I held a regular leash. The WalkyDog required him to be a bit further back than he was used to so he would pull. But now he's comfortable with it. I just use a regular buckle collar.
Here's my review: http://www.thatmutt.com/2009/08/12/dog-biking-leash/

info said...

Hello, I'm the owner and maker of the original Walky Dog Bicycle leash and I'd like to remark that unfortunately being our product so popular, we are subject to so many "attacks" by knock off companies that make similar products naming them Walky Dog, our official site is www.petego.com we are based out of Chicago and we make only one type of Walky Dog and related connections that are all very solid and do not snap. I'll be happy to provide service for our products to anyone in need and if the product you use is not the original I can let you know what are the safety concerns I would have riding with my own bike and dog.
visit www.petego.com and or write to info@petego.com, my name is Emanuele Bianchi

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