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Flexi Leash Review 1

Rating: 2 paws

The Flexi-Leash is made by Flexi USA. Flexi is the most well-known brand of retractable leash on the market and if you haven't used one you have probably at least seen them in use. The Flexi model reviewed here is the Flexi 3-8, 26 ft. leash.

These leashes can be hard to get used to. They are not for everyone/everydog. The first time I took my dog out using the large flexi-lead, the dog had more control than I did. One of the problems with these leashes is that your dog feels like he or she is off-leash and may start running around like a maniac (don't all dogs do that off-leash?)

If they get to the end of the leash, and you're not ready for that, the leash may leap out of your hand, and the dog really will be off-leash. Although it says it won't tangle, your dog can probably find a way to tangle you up with it, and it can be a tripping hazard for people.

This leash is not really good for training or walking most dogs. However, it can be good if you're taking your dogs somewhere like the beach and want to give them more freedom without letting them off leash completely.
Use with caution.

(Reviewed by dog owner Kerri K.)

The Flexi can be purchased from most chain pet stores or online at Amazon.com

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