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Tazlab Aqua-Fur Travel Bowl

Rating: 1/2 3.5 paws

The Aqua-Fur Travel Bowl is a silicone bowl that looks and acts like a dog bowl yet folds up like an origami. The bowl weighs 8 oz and holds 1 liter of water. The bowl comes in blue, orange, red or green and costs about $18-20. The Aqua-Fur bowl is made by Tazlab.

Review: The Aqua-Fur dog bowl has an advantage over all the other folding travel bowls I have seen: because it is made of silicone, it quickly and easily retains a nice bowl shape when unfolded. Most folding dog bowls are made of cloth or plastic and can be difficult to unfold or to keep open while the dog is drinking from them. They tend to collapse on themselves. This bowl opens and pops immediately into the bowl shape, and holds that shape until you fold it up again. The Aqua-Fur bowl is large enough to allow even the big dogs to get a good thirst-quenching drink without having to refill and is sturdy enough to (according to the company) also be used as a bucket if you invert the sides. When I first bought this bowl, it was shipped unfolded and I had a little trouble figuring out the proper way to fold it up despite the drawing on the tag. When folded, the bowl is a bit larger than a wallet. It is small enough to be carried in a large pocket but it would be a bit bulky in most pockets. In my opinion a smaller folded size would have been preferable, however the company is planning to come out with an even smaller folding bowl called the “Pack-a-Puddle” so that version will most likely be a better size for carrying on walks. The Aqua-fur travel bowl’s size is I think more suited to hikes or car travel where you have a bit more space but should be ok to use on a casual walk if you don't mind the extra bulk.

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