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Rating: 1/2

The IndestructaBALL is a nearly indestructable hard plastic ball made by Canine Capers. This ball comes in three sizes. The claim that this is nearly indestructable seems to be pretty solid. The larger, red ball has been used in zoos for wild animals and even held up well in those sitations from what I can tell.

Unfortunately, many dogs may not enjoy this toy because it is made of a very hard, unyielding plastic. This is the main "down side" to the toy. It cannot be chewed up, but it is not fun to chew either, which turns many dogs off. It is also very noisy on hard floors and can cause damage if used indoors. My terrier enjoyed the medium-sized blue ball as a toy to bat around with his paws, but I was only able to let him play with it outside. The large-sized red ball includes a "plug" which you can remove and add sand or water to the inside so that the ball will move in an odd way, which some dogs enjoy.

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