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Pet Gear Travel System Stroller

Rating: 3 paws

Pet Gear Collapsible Pet Stroller with removable carrier. For pets up to 15 pounds.
The Pet Gear Travel System Stroller has a detachable carrier which you can carry over your shoulder and also a place to attach the carrier to a cat seatbelt. The carrier and the stroller base both fold flat. There is a leash attachment inside the carrier.

The stroller is very light weight. It is supposed to be for pets only up to 15 pounds, and I was able to fit my two kittens in it or one small dog quite easily. The only problem I have had with this product is that the carrier is very soft and sometimes it flops over or partially collapses while in use. There is also a minimal amount of "head room" especially compared to other types of strollers. Both the stroller base and the carrier can be folded flat for transport, but you must remove the carrier from the base in order to do this.

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